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Why you need a copywriter.

Copywriting is not about fixing grammatical errors or poor sentence structurealthough don’t get me wrong, those things are importantcopywriting is so much more than that.

It’s about persuading your audience that you, and only you, can deliver what they need and inspiring them to take action.

Getting your reader to do something...

Child and TypewriterThe copywriting industry can come across as…well, a tad pretentious. I don’t for one second believe that writers are born. That they escape the womb with quills clutched in chubby pink hands. That they are here to transform your copy into something Shakespeare would be proud to call his own.

I write copy to get your audience to do something, such as sign up to your email list or hit that buy now button.

I was not born with this ability, the pen does not touch paper and magic does not happen – if only it were that simple!

It has taken me years of practice to perfect my craft and find what works.

My style, your brand.

I like to add personality and warmth to my writing. I want your audience to feel as though they’re part of a conversation, not bombarded by information. With the rise of the internet and in turn, social media, brands can no longer hide behind their logo. It’s time to step out and show who you are.

Maybe you’re thinking, that’s all very nice, but I can do that. I can put pen to paper and make words and sentences and paragraphs that make sense and are readable.

That’s great.

But can you persuade with your writing? Can you inspire? Can you convince? Can you write for your audience and Google at the same time – can you be witty and funny and still be at the number one spot for your preferred keywords? 

The ultimate reason to hire a copywriter. 

I get it. I'm not special. My world is words, but to you crafting copy may be at best a chore, and at worst something you hand over to your nearest employee. But ultimately, good copy is about one thing...increasing sales. Just as much as fabulous web design, neat packaging, or on-point pricing is important to your sales, so is good copy. It's a cog in a very big wheel. But it's a vital cog. 

I can deliver copy that reflects your brand, builds loyalty and ultimately, transform your readers into customers.

If you’re looking for copy that works, why not contact me for a quote.

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