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Email Marketing

It’s common practice—once you’ve managed to grab your user with your fabulous content—to encourage them to sign up to your email list. This is so you can further promote your products or services and build your brand.

Creating an e-newsletter can be tricky. Think about how many emails you receive a day. Do you open them all? Do you read them thoroughly? Of course not. If we did that, we wouldn’t have any time in the day left.

You are vying for the attention of your reader, so first-and-foremost you need an attention-grabbing subject line.

I have tried and tested hundreds of email subject headings, evaluating what works and what doesn’t, ensuring your target audience opens your email – instead of dumping it in the trash!

Secondly, you’re going to need copy for your email. This is your chance to shine. But what do you put? How do you lay it out? What should your call to action be?

I can craft creative copy that reflects your brand and encourages your end users to take action.

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