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Yes, the Internet is quickly overtaking more the traditional form of print marketing, but that doesn’t mean businesses are neglecting print entirely.

In fact, the birth of the Internet has helped reform traditional forms of media. When both your online and offline marketing in tangentsupporting each other and delivering one clear messagethat’s when you hit the sweet spot.

Brochure copy

A sleek looking brochure is an investment. Design, photography and print – all these things add up. So, what do a lot of business owners do? Scrimp on the copy, of course.

Words, for some reason, lack sex appeal with business owners. Why, I don’t know! Spelling and grammatical errors can have a detrimental effect on sales, and boring copy falls flat with your audience.

What I do is create brochure copy that sells, and write product descriptions pack some punch. I tie this in with your key messages and branding, ensuring your online and offline copy is in keeping.


I’m a real fan of advertorials. They look like articles, and arguably they engage the reader more than an adverting can. The best part: you get to control the content! But here’s the thing, badly written advertorials do not work.

The tone has to be in keeping with the publication. The copy can’t be too direct or salesy. You have to write like a journalist and sell your product at the same time. It’s tricky. Do it right and a well-written advertorial could have a great impact on sales. Do a shoddy job and you could end up wasting a lot of money – for all the good that they do, advertorials can be expensive.

I can create compelling advertorials. I create an article that sells you and your product, providing content and story to entertain and engage.


Radio, TV, billboards, social media, newspapers…we are bombarded on a daily basis by advertising messages. As humans, we’ve built up mechanisms, which enable us to switch off these messages. Imagine if we paid full attention to every advertisement we came across? We’d never get anywhere!

But once in a while, an ad will make us stop, make us smile, make us think. That’s what you want to achieve.

You have a split second to engage your audience, and there’s only one way to do that. With a headline, an opening statement or a hook – whatever you want to call it. You have to reel your audience in.

Often it takes days, if not weeks to craft one single sentence that will turn heads. You think Nike you think 'Just do it.' You think McDonalds, you think 'I'm Lovin' It.'

I love crafting headlines that turn heads. I love creating compelling advertising copy that connects with your audience.

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