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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Copywriting

A lot of people say that SEO is about tricking Google. I would disagree. Google is not something that can be tricked. If you try spammy, outdated SEO tactics, then I guarantee you can wave goodbye to your rankings! The worst-case scenario is you’re banned from the search engine entirely.

So, what I do is simple: I give Google exactly what they want.

What does Google want?  

Google wants to give the end-user the best possible piece of content for their search.

It looks for key indicators and uses sophisticated algorithms to assess what your website is about, and where it will place the website in its rankings.  

Google-friendly copy.

A huge criticism of SEO and, in particular, SEO copywriting is that the words on the page kind of sound like they’ve been written by a robot.

If that’s the service you want, then you’ve come to the wrong place!

First and foremost, I write for your audience. But, you can still craft original and creative copy and write for Google as well - it just takes a little skill. 

There’s a fine balancing act between writing for both, and I have spent years getting it just right. A good website should never read like it’s written for search engines. But a good website should also rank highly.

My Services.

I can take your current content and make it search engine friendly. Or, I can provide a full on-site SEO service: right from keyword research and content creation, to formatting your web copy correctly.

Why SEO Copywriting? 

It still amazes me when I see the impact SEO makes. If you can get your website on page one for searched keywords, then you're onto a winner. All you have to do then is convert your readers into customers, which is the job of good copywriting of course. 

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