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E-commerce Copywriting.

Many businesses fall into the trap of using very similar descriptors for each of their eCommerce products, or worse, use their wholesaler’s copy instead.

That small amount of space next to the image of your product is prime advertising space, and it should be used wisely. Unimaginative, flat copy won’t shift products.

Take the before and after example below from one of my recent projects.


Lion Cushion

Lion cushion

This colourful lion cushion makes a lovely gift or addition to a child’s bedroom.

The cover is 100% cotton, and we recommend spot clean only.

Why not take a look at our other jungle-themed products?


Sebastian the Lion Cushion!

Meet Sebastian. This lovely little fella fits in perfectly in a child’s jungle or safari themed bedroom.

He makes the perfect companion. His mane is made from patchwork fabric, and he has the most adorable, wooden button eyes.


Roaring, snoring, sleeping and exploring


Washing machines

All that tumbling around and around in dirty water can make him go dizzy. To keep him happy, we recommend spot cleaning only.

Why not meet some of Sebastian’s friends – Ellie the Elephant, George the Cheeky Monkey and Tommy the Tiger!

You see? 

Both are grammatically correct. Both make sense. But which one do you think would be more likely to sell the product?

Copywriting is about positioning your product or service differently, to get your potential consumer to fall in love with it, to need it and take action.

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